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     ChronTrol Corporation was founded in 1977 in association with Zetachron Inc., who invented the world's first one-bit computer.

     The inventors of the first ChronTrol wanted to build a timer to mimic circadian rhythms in tropical latitudes for horticultural purposes.

     The first ChronTrols were crude by modern standards but they made inroads in other timing-intensive applications such as energy management, which was an explosive market because of the sky-rocketing cost of fuel in the mid 1970's.


operation and manufacturing    

     From the beginning, ChronTrol has applied a unique philosophy to design and manufacturing. Through extensive programming development and design we are able to deliver a superior finished product. ChronTrol began by integrating all of the functions of an analog timer into a single-chip microcomputer.

     Unlike our competitors, who offer nothing more than a conglomeration of loose components sold as a "system", ChronTrol timers boast unprecedented functionality in a solid no-hassle package, suitable for almost any power switching application.

    The initial effort in design and develpment is the reason that ChronTrol timers always cost less than the competition. It's also the reason you never hear "sorry, our product can't do that" from ChronTrol.


     ChronTrol power switches are used worldwide, from scientific and clinical laboratories, industrial research and development environments, to shopping malls and movie theaters. ChronTrol's versatility and reliability have made us the best (and in many cases the ONLY) choice for power switching timers and controllers.