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ChronTrol's Total Systems Integration Solution

     Whether you need remote access to a single ChronTrol timer, or total control of all electrical systems over multiple sites, net-Comm provides the versatility, control, and ease of use that you demand.

     Because of the near limitless capabilities of ChronTrol timers and controllers, and the advances in connectivity that the Internat has created, most all aspects of electronic operation and monitoring can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world through our interface. Tasks such as setting the on and off times for lighting equipment or HVAC units, security and energy management are no problem for the net-Comm system.



net-Comm is the Complete Site Management Package

      Multiple application-specific net-Comm packages are available, as well as custom built systems. From the required sensors, monitoring equipment, and on-site hardware and software. Establishment of databases and remote hosts, to design of the graphical user interface. In addition, we will work with your builders and electricians to guarantee a successful installation, and verify that all systems are running accurately and reliably.

     And as with all ChronTrol products, toll-free technical support is available for as long as you own the system.

Sample net-Comm interface
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