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Simplicity Creates Versatility

Energy Conservation Division

The ChronTrol L Series is our third generation of time control equipment, and energy management is just one of its almost unlimited applications. In service worldwide, ChronTrol runs everything from automated radio stations to complicated scientific experiments to industrial fabrication processes to church bells. With ChronTrol operating in every conceivable environment, we're justifiably proud of our proven reputation for reliability. Our toll free hotline is available for problem solving and troubleshooting, but comprehensive quality control, 14 day running burn-in, and pre-ship testing guarantee ChronTrol's integrity. And our one year service warranty includes parts and labor. You can trust ChronTrol with your most precious asset: Time.

You've heard of "user friendly" computers? ChronTrol could be called "user-protective." Not only does it prompt you through the setting process by displaying the questions and your commands, it also relieves you of worry by

Simplicity Is The Difference

The purpose of energy management - saving money - is defeated if you have to hire a computer specialist to operate your time control equipment. But with the ChronTrol L Series, your present and future energy management needs are solved, and the tool can be operated by anyone capable of mastering an automated teller machine.

If time is money, then consider ChronTrol a kind of bank that protects your time until you're ready to spend it. Lighting, security systems, industrial machinery, heating and air conditioning - absolutely anything electrical - is placed at your fingertips by this rugged wall-mounted unit.

When it comes to efficient, reliable, and prudent time management, ChronTrol is in control. But you are in command.

Engineered To Save Time, Money, And Headaches

ChronTrol's microprocessor gives you 60 operational programs, each capable of controlling any or all of the available circuits. The programs are set through the uncomplicated twenty-key control panel. Your commands are visually confirmed on the unique 32 character Liquid Crystal Display before they enter ChronTrol's memory.

ChronTrol Expands With You

As your needs grow, so can ChronTrol's capabilities. Our unique four circuit relay modules expand ChronTrol's L6016 model from four to eight to twelve to sixteen independent circuits. Installation is quick and easy, and keeps ChronTrol cost-effective as your time control requirements multiply.

Check these features:


Ordering Codes
Specify quantity of each part:
  L6004 Four Circuit Unit
  L6016 Expandable Unit
  EM Four Circuit Relay Module
  EMB Four Circuit Relay Module with Mechanical Bypass switch for each circuit

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Programming overview

You program ChronTrol by first giving the microprocessor its bearings, which appear as questions on the display:

Depositing Time In The (Memory) Bank

With just eight steps, any one of a possible 60 programs can by set. These can later be modified, reviewed, or canceled at will. Once programmed, ChronTrol performs its assigned duties with split-second accuracy, and allows for quick-glance monitoring by showing which circuits are in use at any one time. With its technically advanced design, ChronTrol gives you the ability to schedule operations for up to a year in advance. In logical sequence, ChronTrol asks you to set as many of the eight operational parameters as you need for each program.

You start the setting process by pressing the Program key:

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Master Entries

Operational Programs
Sixty, each assignable to any or all circuits. Each program includes the setting of:

Automatic Reviewing Of

Automatic Clearing Of



-18º to 54ºC; 0º to 130ºF Ambient Operating Range
0 to 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)


Number of Available Circuits
L6004: Four (one relay module)
L6016: Up to sixteen (four in each relay module)

LCD (Liquid Crystal), .440 x 2.4 inches, thirty-two character, continuous back light

Circuit Status Indicators
LED circuit ON indicators (one per circuit)

Auxiliary Port
The auxiliary serial communications port provides a data link for remote programming and program review. Located on the upper left side of the control panel, the port is designed for use with the optional ChronTrol printer and telephone modem. For information on port interface with other computer equipment, contact factory for electrical specifications and communications protocol and format.

Primary Time Base
User selectable through keyboard, 50hz or 60hz

Backup time base
Quartz crystal in absence of A/C power


Designed for use with ChronTrol L Series timers only



Designed for use with ChronTrol L Series timers only
, and includes one three-position (ON, AUTO, OFF) bypass switch for each relay.



ChronTrol is a precision electronic timer designed for installation indoors in a place protected from excessive moisture and temperature conditions. It meets National Electrical Code requirements and is designed for a standard three-wire system. It can either be hard wired or interfaced with power line carrier transmitters.
CAUTION: The ChronTrol wall-mount timer should be wired and installed by a qualified electrician. Detailed installation instructions included with delivery or available on request.

This symbol on the nameplate means the product is LISTED by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL Standard Number 916, Enclosed Energy Management Equipment.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

WARRANTY: Limited, one year parts and labor

ChronTrol L Series

The New Dawn of Energy Management